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Our goal is to REconsider

area of expertise

Our approach to sustainability and ESG services.

At ReGen Law we believe in the concept of steward-ownership and focus on serving the needs of the regenerative economy. We provide legal, regulatory, advisory and consulting services to businesses and investors, large and small, seeking to promote and support sustainable, responsible, regenerative and positive impact aligned goals and initiatives.

Regeneration is at the heart of what we do and directs how we run our business and interact with our clients, business partners, service providers and the wider community. Our goal is to be your trusted advisors and business strategists, to be lateral thinkers and influencers, to challenge assumptions and seek new ways of doing business in order to promote our ideals.

As General Counsel for TBLI Group, Beata Dunn has been invaluable to our organisation. She has provided excellent counsel and guidance in navigating all legal, business as well as interpersonal matters. An extremely hard worker and very reliable. How she is able to juggle all her work and be a single mom with two kids is truly impressive. We are extremely grateful to having Beata and Regen Law as part of our team… She is someone who gets out of the wagon and helps push while we pull the cart up the hill.

Robert Rubinstein

CEO and Founder of TBLI Group

I am thrilled to share my experience working with Beata and highly recommend her for anyone in need of legal consultancy with a focus on sustainable and regenerative businesses.

In summary, I highly recommend Beata for her exceptional legal expertise, strategic business consultancy, and unwavering commitment to sustainability. She is a valuable asset to any organization and I wholeheartedly endorse her and believe she will excel in any role she takes on.

Dror Levy

CEO, Mi Terms, Strategic and Management Advisor

Are you looking for a values-driven counsel or attorney? You need look no further than Beata Dunn. She exemplifies the qualities of a values-driven leader. She brings these qualities to every interaction. She can be relied on to help you take the higher ground, to do the right thing. She will help you make decisions that resonate with the values of your soul. With Beata by your side you can relax, knowing that all your actions will reflect the highest ethical standards.

Richard Barrett

Managing Director of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values

Passionate, creative and highly ethical, I would recommend Beata to anyone caught in a sticky legal situation. She is also highly dedicated to her clients and their goals and is a pleasure to work with.

Richard Rudd

CEO and Founder of Gene Keys

As my attorney, Beata was involved in a complex exit negotiation from a company where I was a founding shareholder and director, involving multiple investors, including a multinational. She quickly grasped the complexities of the situation and not only advised and represented me in the negotiations as my attorney, but she has also been an excellent personal support in this process, acting as a coach and sounding board. We concluded the negotiation in a swift manner, attaining the desired share price and establishing a solid legal framework for all potential liabilities.

Hans van der Goes

ex-XPOL BV, VDG Advisory

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