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Ask Better Questions – Day 15

On this journey to declutter I took  Cappfinity – Strengths Test last weekend, which has some very good insights and practical advice. I like that the questions were related to the energy levels – if something makes me (slightly) drained or (slightly) energised…

Their approach to identifying strength is based on three different areas:

  • (1) PERFORMANCE – how well you perform when using these strengths;
  • (2) ENERGY – how energised you are by using these strengths; and
  • (3) USE – how often you use these strengths.

The results are presented in the unique 4 sections (analysing 60 unique strengths, which I call gifts):

  • (1) realised strengths (strengths you use and enjoy);
  • (2) unrealised strengths (strengths you don’t use as often);
  • (3) learned behaviour (things you’ve learned to do but may not enjoy); and
  • (4) weaknesses (things you find hard and don’t enjoy).

I am taking some time (well, a life-long process) to first focused on the unrealised strengths and learned behaviour…Why?  One is raising the energy levels and the other is draining…but one has to learn it, like “BOUNCE BACK”.

Having worked with and recently spoken to many entrepreneurs and startups at the business summit in London last week, I recognise similar patterns. We have so many unrealised strengths – skills – of  “Listening”, “Creativity”, “Time Organiser” …”Compassion”, “Strategic Awareness”, ”Emotional Awareness”, “Adaptability”,  “Self-belief”or the strength of being “Centred” –  many opportunities to use them to support us, to grow us and our business.  

I’d love to see if you’d find it as transformative as I have…after all it is all about energy!

So question for today is: “Which of my (unrealised) strengths and gifts I’ll be able to share with others today?” “How can you act as a role model or lend a hand to others”?

I have been somewhat absent, so catching up on the last 4 days of questions…it is not that I have not been asking any. I constantly do…

Have a lovely day all!
Beata Dunn

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