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We invite you to join our thriving network of like-minded individuals, a community where ideas flow freely, connections are nurtured, and collective efforts come together to mold a more sustainable world.

Our platform functions as a meeting ground for industry professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds, continents, and varying levels of expertise. Here, we are all catalysts for positive transformation. This space is designed for collaboration, learning, or simply engaging in meaningful and purpose-driven conversations.


TBLI (Triple Bottom Line International Group) is a global network that boasts over 40,000 investors and investees from around the world. It stands as the preeminent and highly interconnected platform dedicated to sustainability and responsible investments on a global scale. Under the seasoned guidance of Robert Rubinstein, a veteran and influential figure in the field of impact investing, TBLI has firmly established itself as a leading thought force within the sector.

Robert Rubinstein’s unwavering commitment and profound expertise, accumulated over several decades, represent an invaluable resource for numerous impact investors. This includes major financial institutions, industry experts, and thought leaders, all of whom regularly seek his insights and guidance to advance their initiatives and make a positive impact.

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Established by Richard Barrett, HAI (Humanity Awareness Initiative) serves as a global educational and training initiative with the primary aim of expediting the advancement of human consciousness and development through various stages, encompassing serving, integrating, self-actualizing, individuating, differentiating, conforming, and surviving. This transformative journey commences with children, extends to parenting, encompasses young adults, and extends even to future political leaders.

HAI collaborates closely with the Barrett Academy , which has devised workshops and training programs aimed at supporting the evolution of human consciousness, both at the individual and collective levels. These initiatives rely on the Barrett Model and the assessment tools provided by the Barrett Values Centre .


The largest global network of lawyers has taken the lead in introducing a groundbreaking suite of contractual clauses and model laws aimed at expediting rapid and equitable decarbonization initiatives.

These climate-aligned clauses have been seamlessly integrated into our firm’s templates and commercial agreements, reflecting our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries and advancing all facets of contractual relationships.

Combatting Sustainability Fraud:
Promoting Integrity and Tackling Deception in the Impact Sector

Sustainability extends beyond the mere avoidance of harm; it involves the continuous generation of positive and regenerative impacts for people, the planet, and profits. Achieving sustainability necessitates ongoing introspection, both internally and externally, into the conduct and principles of individuals within this field.

We should actively support internal whistleblowers and anyone who may have become disheartened or disillusioned within the sustainability sector. Instances like these not only slow down our collective progress but also invite negative publicity and erode trust.

It’s a situation that resonates with many: the aspiration to do good, driven by genuine intentions, only to have those intentions exploited. How can we enhance our efforts? How can we nurture a culture of learning and mutual support?

Albert Einstein astutely observed, “Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear, and greed.”

We’ve been there to assist clients during times when greed and fear seemed to overshadow their mission, when personal wealth took precedence over staying aligned with their core values of integrity and honesty, and when sustainability investments appeared to be entangled in webs of conspiracy.

If you suspect that your mission, vision, or purpose is at risk, or if you’ve unintentionally been swayed by someone else’s “save the world narrative” and wish to alert others or seek guidance on the path forward, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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