Institute of Human Excellence

The Institute of Human Excellence (IHE) was founded by Niran Jiang and Sir John Whitmore for change agents to serve organisations who wish to develop their people to the highest levels of performance at work, to have greater fulfilment in their personal lives and to make a contribution to the wider community. IHE provides advisory, consulting and coaching services in the area of leadership, transformation and diversity using the Barrett Analytics. It taps into collective wisdom and natural systems with the goal to bring a whole system perspective to the complex issues humanity and corporations are facing today, such as the economy, the environment, cultural diversity and innovation.

Humanity Awareness Initiative

A global education and training movement designed to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness and societal wellbeing. The central objective of the Humanity Awareness Initiative (HAI) is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness by showcasing and creating education and training programs that lead to the emergence of this new worldview. The focus of the education and training programs will be on teaching children, teenagers, young adults, mature adults, municipal, business and political leaders as well as guardians of wealth to become conscious – to be aware of how their actions and behaviours impact other people and the planet, and how their thoughts and beliefs impact their mental and physical health.

TT Impact Network

A private network of game-changing synergies. TTI’s mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of impact & sustainability as the way of running companies and investing in companies. With 500 impact investors, entrepreneurs and professionals across more than 40 countries, TTI see synergies being created among its members on a weekly basis, through investments, partnerships, knowledge exchange and various events.

Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

TBL is about the three Ps: people, planet and profit, the “three pillars of sustainability”. It is an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. (Source: Wikipedia). The “I” stands for investing and thus as a whole refers to investments made involving the three bottom lines, all working in correlation. 

Robert Rubinstein for more than 25 years has been an integral thought leader for the Triple Bottom Line Investment Industry. His mission, spearheaded by the organization Triple Bottom Line (TBLI) Group, is to create an inclusive values based economy. The aim is to maximize investment flows into sustainability initiatives by showing and actively seeking the opportunities triple bottom line investing offers to investors. 

With more than 40,000 investors and investees across the globe, TBLI is the world’s largest and most connected sustainability and responsible investment focused network.