Projects we care about

Barrett Values Centre

Since 1997, Barrett Values Centre has been helping organisations empower their people, perform at their best and achieve their goals. They believe that every culture is unique and help companies build authentic, resilient cultures based on deeply-felt values that are shared across the entire team.  BVC is built on the firm belief that spreading values-based culture is not just good for business, but for humanity. They have helped thousands of organizations excel, as they create a better life for everyone they touch:  employees, customers, and their communities.

Barrett Academy

The purpose of the Barrett Academy is to discover, incubate and develop ideas, concepts and practices that support the evolution of human consciousness. The academy provides the following services:

  • The development of workshops and trainings which support the evolution of human consciousness at an individual and collective level through the use of the Barrett Model.
  • Research projects designed to develop practical tools for the measurement of personal and collective consciousness.
  • ‍Preparation and publishing of annual updates of the Global Consciousness Indicator (GCI) for Nations.
  • ‍Support to international agencies, communities and nations to develop programs and policies to support the evolution of human consciousness.
  • Collaboration with research institutes and agencies that are working on practical approaches and policies to support the evolution of individual and collective human consciousness.
  • Individual and collective mentoring in the Ego-Soul Dynamics of psychological development.

Humanity Awareness Initiative

A global education and training movement designed to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness and societal wellbeing. The central objective of the Humanity Awareness Initiative (HAI) is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness by showcasing and creating education and training programs that lead to the emergence of this new worldview. The focus of the education and training programs will be on teaching children, teenagers, young adults, mature adults, municipal, business and political leaders as well as guardians of wealth to become conscious – to be aware of how their actions and behaviours impact other people and the planet, and how their thoughts and beliefs impact their mental and physical health.

The Chancery Lane Project

A focused and collaborative effort involving lawyers from around the world to develop new contracts and model laws to help fight climate change. 

We have started using climate aligned clauses, which we are incorporating into our firm precedents and commercial agreements.

We are using new model laws through which we can push boundaries and create new internal and external policies.

New Foundation Farms

At new foundation farms we are building a regenerative agrifood enterprise which will produce food and fibre in a way that supports our soils, our communities and our health.

We Give Ventures

An easy-to-use app that makes donating to charity easier than ever. Sign up, choose a charity and give! It really is that simple. For the first time ever, you can find any charity in the UK on one platform. The app enables you to browse UK charities, see trending charities, find charities near you and receive recommended charities.