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Moving away from fossil fuels to renewables, and low-carbon energy sources to reduce carbon emissions is essential. Renewable energy is all around us, is cheaper, healthier, and makes sense for business, society and planet.  About $5.9 trillion was spent on subsidizing the fossil fuel industry in 2020, while about $4 trillion a year needs to be invested in renewable energy until 2030. 

How do we price health and environmental damages or gains? The question is simple, to be or not to be extinct …

The upfront cost can be daunting but investments in renewable energy will pay off. According to the UN, the reduction of pollution and climate impacts alone could save the world up to $4.2 trillion per year by 2030. 

There are efficient, reliable renewable technologies that with a diversification of power supply options, improve resilience and energy security. In certain countries the renewables, are now the primary source of energy. 

Through our work with impact focused networks and initiatives we see a number of “mainstream” and small-scale, truly innovative solutions.

We have been involved in energy transition-related opportunities from regulatory, R&D, feasibility studies, constructions phases to project financing, M&A, joint venture or collaboration.

Clients and Clients’ Insights

We advised:

  • a corporate in the early stages of planning the project finance – construction, financing and development of the battery cells facility in Eastern Europe and the UK.
  • an international company and developers on their collaboration and the use of the  unique patented biomass technology in an African country.
  • borrowers on  access to the export credit agencies (ECA) and other international agencies backed financing, government support arrangements, regulatory requirements, procurement and equity arrangements.
  • a UK financial firm on financing of green energy products to retail markets;
  • an international investor in early-stage discussions to finance the securitisation of a pool of retail solar products in Asia and South Africa.
  • hedge providers in the leading offshore wind transactions documented via LMA and ISDA agreements.
Additional Resources

For further guidance see: What is renewable energy? | United Nations, Renewable energy – powering a safer future | United Nations, UK: wind power generation 2020 | Statista

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